Mental health is an important part of overall wellbeing. Did you know it can change as other bodily systems shift due to daylight exposure, physical activity and even what we eat each day? Read on for one quick way to support your mental wellbeing during your workday right now – no matter your profession.

Exercise, sleep, a balanced diet, time outside, time to relax, a hobby, togetherness. These components help set the foundation for mental and emotional wellbeing. But one major ingredient that’s needed and not listed? You.

To support your mental wellbeing today – right where you are, right now – check in with yourself. Here’s how: Ask yourself “How am I?” Or, “What am I feeling?” No wrong response, no judgements, no schedule. Just a check-in. Simply, notice how you are feeling.

Describing emotions (there are thousands of words for feelings!) and getting to know our many responses to them is a practice that strengthens emotional intelligence, or the ability to manage emotions successfully and recognize them in others. Keeping an on-going rapport with ourselves regarding our mood status (and why we might be feeling that way), challenges we are encountering or enjoyable experiences can also help us get to know ourselves a little better. At the end of each day, you might also try recalling your favorite moment or memory from that day. After all, reflection, introspection and self-awareness create opportunity for growth.

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