About Motivate Health™

We are a unique resource that shares intriguing and evidence-based information on health promotion, with a keen focus on establishing healthy identities, building cultures and changing minds for the healthier. Our team cultivates  research found at the intersection of cognitive science and health promotion, and shares this with you in digestible, conversation-sparking, and exciting ways. We truly believe that we are on the frontier of the Health Age®.

Motivate Health™ is a think tank, providing thought-provoking resources, brought to you by the team at Asset Health®.

About Asset Health®

Asset Health® is a closely-held, cross-market, mission-driven, health and wellness consulting, management and technology firm. Our goal is to engage individuals to become healthier people and more responsible health care consumers. Our fully integrated wellness platform, combined with unique intrinsic motivation and engagement strategies focuses on the establishment of healthier identities and the creation of a true culture of wellness.