March 2016

31 Days of Healthy Happiness

by Jessica Malen

Are you feeling blue? Or do you just want to increase your daily enjoyment? Happiness can be attained more easily than you may think. Below, you will find the 31 Days of Healthy Happiness Challenge. Embark on this journey with… Continue Reading →

Workplace Positivity

by Tom Ersin

Wellness Programs and EAPs Brian Tracy, a well-known business motivational authority and speaker, once said that a manager who uses destructive criticism on an employee gets about the same result as taking a sledgehammer to a piece of office furniture…. Continue Reading →

Lighten Your Lunch Without Lightening Your Wallet

by Jessica Malen

Do You Know What You Will Have for Lunch Today? Lunchtime – a time of day most nine-to-fivers eagerly await. The afternoon can provide a much-needed respite to help break up a full day of work and is also a… Continue Reading →

Motivate Your Team to Get Moving at Work

by Jen Wynn

Share How Integral Physical Activity Is for Optimum Brain Health Exercise can lift, tone, tighten and build your muscles, but did you know getting active each day can whip your brain into shape, too? FACT: Exercise accelerates your brainpower because… Continue Reading →

Enrich Your Employees’ Lives by Saving Lives

by Beth Czischke

Did you know that every time someone donates blood, they can potentially save three lives? Those lives represent someone’s parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, partner or loved one. Eligible donors are allowed to give blood every 56 days. That means… Continue Reading →

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