September 2016

Your Comprehensive Guide to Elder Care for Promoting Work-Life Balance

by Beth Czischke

Elder care is a major consideration when achieving work-life balance. Caregiving can feel like another job, especially for the “sandwich generation” – adults who are caring for their aging parents while raising kids. Now that people are living longer and… Continue Reading →

10 Qualities of Highly Successful People and How to Nurture Them Within Yourself

by Jessica Malen

Success is a hard word to define because it means something different to everybody. For some, it means money, for others true love or happiness. Cultivating success is like cultivating a garden – no matter what your personal definition of… Continue Reading →

Mindful Snacking Without Really Thinking About It

by Jen Wynn

For years, culinary artists have known (and experimented with) how eating has a lot to do with our occipital lobe – the brain region responsible for visual interpretation. But new research shares more evidence that what we see may have… Continue Reading →

Mindfulness Resources to Explore

by Beth Czischke

The Benefits of Mindfulness The topic of mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days and is becoming more widely accepted as an integral part of whole-person wellbeing. The many benefits of practicing mindfulness include: Stress reduction Decreased negative rumination Enhanced… Continue Reading →

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