September 2015

The Mind-Body Problem (and solution)

by Tom Ersin

Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression to Impact Physical Health The mind-body problem is a fun game played by philosophers and epistemologists since before Aristotle’s time. The essential question is whether the mind (consciousness) is separate and distinct from matter (the… Continue Reading →

Promote Microadventures for Macro Health Benefits

by Beth Czischke

In past posts we’ve established the following: Feeling a sense of wonder and awe can boost your immune system, refresh your sense of teamwork, sharpen cognitive processing and help you be more present. When physical activity is fun, people are… Continue Reading →

Have a Heart: Limit Long Working Hours

by Jessica Malen

Studies Show Long Working Hours Can Be More Destructive Than Productive We’ve known for a long time that overworking oneself can lead to a plethora of negative consequences, such as stress, anxiety and now heart disease. Even though this information… Continue Reading →

Pack Your Bags: Why It’s Time for Your Next Vacation

by Beth Czischke

Whether it involves lounging at a resort along miles of white sandy beaches or visiting a national park, who doesn’t like vacation? It turns out, Americans. The use of vacation days is on a downward trend in the United States…. Continue Reading →

Humanize Health

by Jen Wynn

Scoping out the Situation Ahead of Time Can Boost Follow-Through You know your employees are much more than any number on an annual report – they are a big brother, a father, a t-ball coach. Do your employees know you… Continue Reading →

Create an “Awesome” Workplace

by Jen Wynn

Feeling Awe Improves Cognition and Health You’re standing beside the ocean watching the sun rise. The fragrance of the shoreline is soft, the breeze is cool and the gentle push of the tide tucks your toes into the sand. You… Continue Reading →

Troubleshooting Employee (and employer) Disengagement

by Tom Ersin

Troubleshooting Employee (and employer) Disengagement An update on a classic management primer The extent of employee disengagement is a hot topic right now in corporate circles. An Internet search will produce hundreds of articles highlighting the problem and proposing solutions…. Continue Reading →

I Don’t Do That

by Jessica Malen

It’s your best friend’s birthday party. He’s just blown out the candles, the cake has been sliced and the sugary sweet smell of dessert has laced itself into the air— but you are on a diet and need to stay… Continue Reading →

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