January 2016

How to Smooth Things Over With Your Employees

by Beth Czischke

In relationships, it’s often the small things that go a long way. Your relationship with your employees is the same. It’s the special touches in the workplace that can convey you truly care about your employees and their health. One… Continue Reading →

Hobbyists are Healthier

by Jen Wynn

Doing Something Your Employees Enjoy Restores Energy and Motivates Productivity There are few feelings that parallel doing something you truly enjoy or love. What is your favorite hobby? Painting, playing hockey, gardening, making it to the weeknight golf outing, waltzing… Continue Reading →

Understand Seasonal Influences to Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

by Jen Wynn

Different seasons bring out different attitudes and emotions from one person to the next. It might seem impossible to tailor the season to all of your employees, especially if you have thousands of team members. (Who are we kidding; that… Continue Reading →

Attitude Is Everything

by Jen Wynn

Build Your Employees’ Willpower and Health with Daily Mini-Challenges One of the easiest ways to improve your employees’ health is to offer mini goals or daily challenges. They introduce your employees to a healthier behavior instantly, without a big commitment…. Continue Reading →

Bring Cervical Cancer Awareness to Your Workplace

by Jessica Malen

January Is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month To prevent a woman from developing cancer means protecting an engineer, an artist, a businesswoman, a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a colleague — a valuable human being. According to the Centers for Disease… Continue Reading →

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work for You

by Jessica Malen

Make This Year Your Most Successful Yet! Welcome to the new year. The Champagne has been popped and poured, the confetti swept up, and your party clothes hung back in your closet. The first month of the year is often… Continue Reading →

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