August 2015

Learn to Have Fun with Workplace Wellness

by Jen Wynn

Having fun is a key component of life. So why shouldn’t it make the roster for your wellness program? Steven Reiss, a psychologist known for his work in intrinsic motivation and more, includes fun in the list of 16 intrinsic… Continue Reading →

Encourage Walking to Build a More Creative, Thoughtful Workforce

by Jessica Malen

Taking a Leisurely Stroll Can Boost Productivity Imagine: the sun has just begun to rise; the sky is painted with soft pink and sherbet hues. A trodden path winds up a hill sprinkled with morning dew and tall aspen trees… Continue Reading →


by Jen Wynn

Welcome to Motivate Health, where cognitive science meets health promotion. This is your source for cutting-edge research and innovative health promotion ideas. Ever wonder how you can get your employees more engaged in their health? We’ve discovered why many wellness… Continue Reading →

Harness the Power of Identity to Improve Your Employees’ Health

by Beth Czischke

Create Your Corporate Health Identity What is your company’s health identity? What is your focus in motivating collective behavior change? It could be, “At our company, we value health over everything.” When you declare that your workplace values the health… Continue Reading →

Rediscover the Forgotten Cost-Saver

by Tom Ersin

Rediscover the Forgotten Cost-Saver EAP Awareness An Employee Assistance Program is a familiar entity to human resources mangers at the vast majority of mid- to large-sized U.S. companies. Whether by gut feeling or statistical study, they understand that EAPs are… Continue Reading →

Productivity Is a Laughing Matter

by Maya Munot

Transform Your Company’s View of Humor to Maximize Positivity and Productivity What is your company’s perception of humor in the workplace? Is it discouraged or embraced? It could be, “At our company, we value a sense of humor.” You may… Continue Reading →

Who Do Your Employees Think They Are?

by Beth Czischke

Harness the Power of Identity to Transform Your Employees’ Health Want to help your employees improve their health? Appeal to their identity. Researchers at the University of Exeter found that identity – how one thinks about oneself – is a… Continue Reading →

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