Healthy living can be part of every decision, even when you’re on the go. Whether you’re traveling for work, on vacation or are away for the day, there’s always time for exercise.

Here are a few ways you can fit in exercise while you’re on the go:

  • Pack fitness equipment that travels well, such as resistance bands or a jump rope. Hint: Wear your athletic shoes while you travel to save space and to remind yourself to move.
  • Bodyweight exercises don’t require any equipment and can be done in your hotel room. You can do planks, situps, lunges or squats anywhere.
  • Borrow a bike to tour the town. Bike sharing is an inexpensive way to grab a bike and go for short trips. You just have to return the bike to a location within the group’s radius. Check out to learn more.
  • Or, walk to explore your new surroundings. Try a new route each day.
  • Grab a quick workout by watching an exercise video on your smartphone or laptop. Free online workout sites, such as are abundant.
  • Find a moment to stretch. After sitting on a long flight or at the end of a busy day away from home, a little yoga and stretching can be good for both your body and mind. You can also stretch while you’re traveling. Use your layover as a reminder to stretch.
  • Try 60-second aerobics to get your heart rate going, such as jogging in place or doing jumping jacks.
  • If you’re out of town on business, stand at your team meeting instead of sitting.
  • Sign up for a race in the city you’ll be visiting.
  • Take advantage of your hotel’s gym or find a local fitness class.



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