Road trips are sometimes the best way to travel. You have the freedom to make pit-stops, you can change up your route anytime you’d like, and you can pack your favorite food and drinks. With that said, it can also be challenging to make healthy food choices while on vacation, especially when you’re spending hours in the car. Check out the following practical tips and snack ideas for an enjoyable and healthy road trip this summer.

Be mindful when eating. It’s easy to eat aimlessly while driving or being a passenger in the car. Become aware of your hunger cues and recognize if you’re eating out of boredom. Try reading a book or playing a car game to pass the time.

Bring a refillable water bottle. This is a simple yet excellent way to stay hydrated and save money while on the road.

Pack food and a cooler. Bringing non-perishable and fresh produce can help curb cravings and they can also be great for adding to meals you may grab on the go. Pack snacks such as fresh apples, grapes, clementines, bananas, individual nut and raisin packets, trail mix, popcorn, carrots, chopped peppers and cucumbers, and energy bites.

Purchase satisfying snacks. Choosing foods like beef jerky, cheese sticks, fruit and nut mixes is more satisfying and nutritious compared to chips or candy.

Choose calorie-free drinks. There are plenty of drinks to choose from at the gas station or rest stop, but look for calorie-free/sugar-free beverages like flavored and sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea or iced coffee.

Move your body. This may seem obvious, but when someone needs to make a pit-stop, regardless of whether you need to, get out of the car and move your body. Take breaks at least every two to three hours to take a short walk or do some stretching, lunges, squats or whatever gets you moving.


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