Take care of yourself a little more without jeopardizing any financial goals you’ve set in place this new year.

Eat Well

You can make modest changes to your weekly meal plan that can support balanced nutrition and overall wellbeing while reducing grocery costs. First, make a meal plan to prevent over-spending or last-minute purchases that add up quickly. Keep it simple. Don’t get too ambitious – just focus on a balance of protein, whole grains, produce and some dairy. Purchase foods that can be used in multiple meals and cook in batches. Have staple items like these on-hand: brown rice, flour, yogurt, garlic, lemons (or lemon juice) and frozen vegetables. Buy seasonal produce to enhance flavor and nutrients and reduce cost. Make a meal with eggs – they’re nature’s most complete source of protein and they’re easily the cheapest! 

Get Routine Self-Care

Routine self-care has been shown to reduce stress and burnout, improve relationships, boost productivity and even promote longevity. These activities don’t have to be costly. Try creating a “did that” list – a direct contrast to your “to-do” list. It’s a great beginner self-care activity that helps you celebrate the little accomplishments and it’s entirely affordable! You can also simply take a shower – you choose if it’s hot or cold – there can be wellbeing benefits to both options! Finally, use discount codes for self-care activities you treasure, such as a massage, while keeping spending in check.

Boost Immunity

Pick a preventive care screening or appointment to complete as the new year gets going. Prevention is likely less expensive (if not free), compared to any treatment! You can also boost immunity – especially during the winter months – by staying hydrated. Water is the cheapest option!

Move More

Toss out the variability of weather or any commute and try an online guided video workout, tutorial or virtual fitness class that aligns with your current capabilities. Many are completely free! Exercising can keep us energized, focused and invested in our wellbeing.

Nourish Relationships

Healthy relationships are key to overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Nourish the relationships that matter most to you without spending too much. Visit your local animal shelter to share the joy with a cat or dog while spending light, stress-free time together. Just being around domestic animals can help reduce blood pressure and ease symptoms of stress. It also creates a unique backdrop for new conversations with loved ones. You might also consider writing a love letter to your partner or a check-in letter to a loved one. You could also check out the stars together – winter months often lead to clear skies and can be a fun way to share quality time together. Other ideas include cooking together or having a game night together!

This is your journey to optimal wellbeing – and we wish you a happy and healthy start to your 2024! 


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