A Month of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions that we can both express and receive. This November, give our Gratitude Challenge calendar a try to focus on making gratitude a priority each day.

   1 Write down three things you like about yourself.2 Start a conversation with a co-worker you don’t usually interact with.3 Look back on three of your favorite memories with family or friends.4 Do a good deed for a stranger.
5 Meditate for at least three minutes.6 Try to make a co-worker laugh.7 Make the absolute most of your day.8 Smile at everyone you encounter today.9 Express gratitude for a kindness someone else has performed.10 Write about an accomplishment you’re proud of.11 Call a friend or family member that you haven’t caught up with recently.
12 Start your day off right by thinking about three things you’re grateful for.  13 Write about the things that make you excited for the future.14 Offer help to coworkers or accept help if you need it.15 Be extra patient with yourself when you make mistakes today.16 Write about a time a friend or family member really supported you when you needed them. 17 Write down three of your favorite traits you possess.18 Spend time appreciating nature. If you can’t go outside, try a nature documentary!
19 Write thank-you notes to a few people in your life who you think need to hear it.20 Be present in all your activities throughout the day.21 Make a list of the people you are grateful for. Consider how you can express that gratitude back to them.22 Help another family member with a task or chore.23 Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and appreciate the company of your loved ones.24 Consider a gift, whether literal or figurative, that could help make a friend’s life easier.25 Say something nice to a stranger.
26 Devote time to self-care.27 Write about what drives and motivates you.28 Make plans with a friend you don’t see often.29 Reflect on the life lesson you’re most grateful for.30 Start keeping a gratitude journal where you can keep track of these thoughts and activities daily!