Science supports the idea that leisure activities and play connect to whole-person well-being: In many indirect ways, joyful and playful leisure experiences support overall emotional, mental, physical, social, and even financial well-being.

These experiences can reduce stress and improve our ability to cope with life challenges; support social connections, build social networks and enhance a sense of belonging; help us recharge and rejuvenate to prevent burnout; enhance creativity, problem-solving skills and overall cognitive function; boost immune function, improve sleep and reduce overall risk for illness.

Whether you’re hosting this season or looking to attend your next gathering with a few creative ideas in your back pocket, check out these fun ways to celebrate the holidays!

  1. Santa-Beard Contest – No facial hair required! Challenge loved ones to create their own Santa beard on their faces with shaving cream without using a mirror. Once done, snap some photos and vote with secret ballots! Have a prize or gift for the winner and some towels for cleanup on-hand!
  2. Wrapping Relay: See which team can wrap the fastest, neatest or most elegant gift in a designated time. Make it challenging by requiring that one arm remain behind the back! For the actual gifts in the box, consider choosing a family or organization you’ll donate to and further enhance the overall value of your time spent together!
  3. Gingerbread House-Hunters Competition: See who (or what team) can create the most show-stopping gingerbread home! Start with pre-built kits to minimize mess and focus on creativity. Consider setting a timer and have an anonymous vote with a prize winner after.
  4. The Holiday Box Game: Wearing oven mitts, challenge participants to take turns unwrapping a giant box (with boxes wrapped within boxes!). The player behind them rolls two dice until they hit doubles – requiring the person unwrapping to stop and pass the oven mitts forward. Whomever reaches the inside of the final box gets a prize of your choosing (cash, lotto tickets, anything that won’t break when jostled around during the game!).
  5. Santa Hat Follow-the-Leader: Either provide a Santa hat for all guests or request them to wear one to your gathering. From the start, designate one secret guest to be “the leader” – they will remove their hat stealthily during the party. Once this person removes their hat, it’s up to all other guests to notice and follow suit. The last guest wearing a hat loses. You might have a little challenge for them to keep the fun going!
  6. Blindfolded Crafting: See who can come the closest to crafting a recognizable holiday character with their eyes covered by a winter scarf or soft material! Grab a couple inexpensive kid’s craft kits (for simplicity) or have guests draw on paper. Have a treat for the winner!
  7. Ornament Raffle: Ask guests to guess how many ornaments are hanging on your holiday tree. The closest to the true number wins a prize or gift of your choosing!

A few more ideas include: leading a “favorite-things” gift exchange (participants purchase and gift three of their current favorite must-have low-cost items – all placed on a table, guests take turns selecting three random gifts), hosting a holiday brunch (this way no one has to worry about compromising sleep from staying up too late visiting), having a winter bonfire (it’s not a typical go-to, which would make it a unique treasured experience), offering a hot-cocoa bar (don’t forget the fun toppings like peppermint and marshmallows), or instating a PJs-only dress code!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!


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