Summer is here, bursting with sunshine, vacations, and barbecues! But amidst the fun, it’s easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. Here are some simple ways to prioritize your well-being all summer long – so you can enjoy those other activities even more:

Schedule “me time.” Block dedicated time on your calendar for activities that nourish your mind and body. Whether it’s reading a book in the hammock, taking a relaxing bath, or enjoying a quiet walk in nature, carve out space for yourself to recharge.

Move your body. Find ways to incorporate movement you enjoy into your summer routine as often as you can. Go for a swim, take a dance class outdoors, or dust off your bike for a scenic ride.

Fuel your energy naturally. Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated with refreshing water, and limit sugary drinks that can leave you feeling sluggish.

Mind your sleep. Even with longer daylight hours, prioritize quality sleep. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule, create a relaxing bedtime routine, and ensure your bedroom is cool and dark.

Unplug and disconnect. Set boundaries around technology. Silence notifications during meals and take breaks from social media throughout the day.

Say no (graciously). Don’t overload your schedule! It’s okay to decline invitations – because too many engagements can drain your energy. Prioritize activities that bring you the most joy and a sense of balance.

By incorporating these simple practices, you can create a summer self-care routine that allows you to embrace the season while taking care of yourself. Remember, a happy and healthy you is the foundation for a truly fulfilling summer.