Work toward becoming your own best friend and being truer to yourself. Try RAIN meditation when challenging emotions arise. Meet your doubts and fears with a healing presence, offering the comforting embrace of compassion, much like you would for a dear friend. These four steps can ease the pressure we place on ourselves, so we can unlock more joy in our lives.

  1. Recognize what is going on:

Is it that critical inner voice making a judgement? Is it a reaction of fear? Striking anxiety? Notice what it is that you are feeling. Try to label it.

  1. Allow the experience to be there, just as it is:

Try your best to allow the rawness and unpleasantness of that feeling, rather than redirecting your attention. Try simply saying, “Yes, I notice the fear,” to yourself, etc. It doesn’t mean we agree with the thought, emotion or feeling in our bodies, it just means we acknowledge the reality of the experience in that very moment.

  1. Investigate with kindness:

Use your natural desire to know the truth to learn more about your experience in that moment. Contact your source of suffering and offer care. Try placing a hand on your heart or cheek and saying a message of care to yourself, such as, “It’s alright, sweetheart.” You might also try envisioning basking in the warmth of sunshine. Even the smallest gesture can serve you well.

  1. Natural awareness, which comes from not identifying with the experience:

This step is what many meditation teachers call the treasure. Simply rest in this liberating state of natural awareness. There is no action for this step.

The quiet, lifelong practice of self-compassion can help us feel more connected to ourselves, and, in turn, others; it frees us from former limiting self-beliefs; and it can help us make wiser choices, all of which lead us closer to optimal wellbeing.


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