The meaning of “Age or Ages” is: the Age dominates and alters the sustainability and norms of the society. The Bronze and Iron Ages, for example, were about the ability to wage war effectively and dominate. The Industrial Age dramatically impacted urban and rural life, war and prosperity in the modern age. The Information, Technology and Digital Ages are transforming society in dramatic ways. They are providing real and valued solutions and significant challenges as we mature in our use of these new commerce, work and social capabilities. The Health Age, however, will dominate this reality economically and socially. The impact of health-centered engagement technologies, inclusive of health, health care, behavioral health and financial wellbeing promises to be significant, transformative and highly valued as we look forward to the next 10- to 20-year period.

The Health Age is like no other Age due to its ability to transform and empower our lives and society in very positive and productive ways. All other Ages before, inclusive of the Technology and Digital Ages, are utilitarian in nature. The Health Age is dynamically invested in the human person; it is about YOU, your good and improved whole health and wellbeing. It is about how you directly care for those you love. If you are healthy, you are able to care successfully for yourself and others. It is the realization that your health is your most valuable asset.® This comprehension dominates your daily decisions.

In the Health Age, your employer will find it increasingly essential to actively invest in your improved health and wellbeing. Employers who do so will successfully build cultures of success, effectively compete for the best workers, increase productivity, and expand business value. The stores you go to and the products and the services you buy will all increasingly compete for your business and investment as health-centric companies who actively invest in your improved health. And you will increasingly demand that they make these improvements or you will not do business with them. Yes, The Health Age is here. It will be led by employers, employees/patients, new primary care systems ,and structures that fully engage the patient-physician relationships  within new methods of commerce and increased patient advocacy. The rest of the marketplace will follow or fail.

In The Health Age, your health is you most valuable asset.® In the end, it is up to you to invest actively in your health. So, get fully active in your employer wellness and wellbeing program. Get focused and engaged in your health and health care. If your employer does not offer a comprehensive wellness and rewards program, you should demand that they do. No employer is doing all that they can be doing in the years to come. Your active engagement in your health and wellbeing can radically be expanded when investing together with your employer. We are having great success with employers and employees in improving employee health and expanding employee wellbeing. The truth is, however, that the answer to improved health and wellbeing is a personal responsibility. It is driven by human relationship and empowered by technology and health intelligence in an ever-expanding system of engagement and reward. We, for our part, are very excited about every employer and every employee we work with. When employees are healthy and actively engaged in their investment in improved health and wellbeing, we know that we are helping good companies become radically better companies and that we are helping individual employees, like you, become healthier as a whole and a happier person. Being healthy is central to your happiness and fulfillment and it is your best defense against illnesses. So, stay engaged and actively invest in your health; it will lead you to greater wellbeing in The Health Age!