David E. Wilson

The Health Age

by David E. Wilson

The meaning of “Age or Ages” is: the Age dominates and alters the sustainability and norms of the society. The Bronze and Iron Ages, for example, were about the ability to wage war effectively and dominate. The Industrial Age dramatically impacted… Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Bright Light

by David E. Wilson

At this time, the COVID-19 moment looks promising, meaning we may be seeing the light at the end of the first tunnel. We are all excited to see the trending statistics declining and the bending of the curve. We are… Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Moment: In Reflection

by David E. Wilson

Your good health requires intentionality, moments of thought and reflection. There is much to learn from the current moment for all of us. Here are some immediate thoughts and reflections. Of course, we’ll continue to learn more in the days… Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Moment: Be Healthy, Be Active, Invest in Your Whole Health and Wellbeing

by David E. Wilson

In this trying time, during the COVID-19 moment, it is most important to wish you peace, good health and a life lived fully in perseverance and hope, not fear. Fear is unhealthy. Hope is healthy and empowers positive actions –… Continue Reading →

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