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So — You’re Still Smoking?

by Tom Ersin

I THOUGHT you looked older than your age. “Don’t forget, you’re smoking for two now.” This is the old wry twist on the exhortation of pregnant women to remember they’re eating for two. “Eating for two” is a reminder to… Continue Reading →

Self-Monitoring for Behavioral Change and Goal Achievement

by Tom Ersin

“What gets measured gets managed.” (— Peter Drucker?) There is an old saying in management, if you want to improve something, start by measuring it, or you won’t see how to make a difference. (— Catharine Paddock, Ph.D.) Makes sense,… Continue Reading →

Absence of Critical Thinking Is Harmful to Children and Other Living Things

by Tom Ersin

Note that critical thought does not need to involve intellectual hoop-jumping or mental gymnastics that only lawyers, philosophers or Mensa members can understand. It is a simple method of processing information that includes examining biases and assumptions (within oneself and… Continue Reading →

Here’s a Novel Idea: Build Your Brain With New Experiences

by Beth Czischke

A study published in 2008 found that you can significantly increase your intelligence with training. This finding was a game-changer because before this people thought intelligence was something one was simply born with – a trait determined by genetics. Scientists… Continue Reading →

How to Smooth Things Over With Your Employees

by Beth Czischke

In relationships, it’s often the small things that go a long way. Your relationship with your employees is the same. It’s the special touches in the workplace that can convey you truly care about your employees and their health. One… Continue Reading →

The Mind-Body Problem (and solution)

by Tom Ersin

Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression to Impact Physical Health The mind-body problem is a fun game played by philosophers and epistemologists since before Aristotle’s time. The essential question is whether the mind (consciousness) is separate and distinct from matter (the… Continue Reading →

Harness the Power of Identity to Improve Your Employees’ Health

by Beth Czischke

Create Your Corporate Health Identity What is your company’s health identity? What is your focus in motivating collective behavior change? It could be, “At our company, we value health over everything.” When you declare that your workplace values the health… Continue Reading →

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