After going viral on social media earlier this year, the triangle tortilla wrap hack is an easier way to assemble the what-is-sometimes-super-messy roll-up – think lunch burrito stuffed to the rim, splits and bypasses plate to drip on pants! Rather than rolling your tortilla into the shape of a burrito, follow the instructions below to fold it into a compact, triangular, layered wrap.

Mastering It

Step 1: Slice your tortilla. Make a cut from the middle of your tortilla, straight to the edge closest to you.

Step 2: Add your fillings to each quarter. Once your ingredients are fully prepped, you will organize your tortilla into four sections or quarters. The bottom-left quarter is Quarter 1. Working clockwise, add your ingredients for your combo of choice, according to the table below.

Step 3: Fold your tortilla clockwise. Grab the bottom-left corner of your tortilla and fold it upward, sandwiching Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Then, flip the top-left corner of the tortilla over to the right side, sandwiching the stack with Quarter 3. Then fold this portion down to sandwich them onto Quarter 4. When done, your tortilla should be a triangle with all of your fillings neatly stacked atop one another.

Step 4: Warm or enjoy immediately! Heat a skillet to medium heat and spread butter lightly on each side of your tortilla wrap. Toast your folded tortilla until it has browned and your fillings are warmed to your liking – think oozing, gooey cheese! Give it a flip halfway through for even cooking.

Customizable Combos to Try

You can use small or large tortillas. It can be hot or cold. It can be used for any meal, snack or dessert. Here are a few wrap ideas and ingredients laid out in their quarter to launch your personal experimenting:

(Rotating clockwise from bottom left)

 Quarter 1 IngredientsQuarter 2 IngredientsQuarter 3 IngredientsQuarter 4 Ingredients
The Classic PB&J (or Banana)*peanut butter or nut butter of choicefresh berries of choice or bananarepeat peanut butter or nut butter of choicerepeat fresh berries of choice or banana
Mexican-Infused Breakfastscrambled eggs with dash of cayenne pepperMexican-blend cheese, minced green onions and sliced tomatoessmashed avocado and sauteed bell pepperssmashed black beans and/or jalapenos  
Homemade Pizzapizza sauce or marinara of choicesliced white mushrooms and/or cooked, ground turkey sausagesliced bell peppers and onionsshredded mozzarella cheese and fresh or dried basil and oregano

*The Classic PB&J (or Banana) Notes: Try microwaving a few fresh strawberries (or berries of choice) for 30 seconds; it breaks them down into a no-sugar-added, spreadable alternative to sugary jellies or preserves! This combo is great for little hands when you’re on a springtime picnic lunch adventure!

Expert Assembly Tips: If you’re using ingredients that are delicate in the face of heat, like lettuce or sauces, add them to the bottom-left quarter of your tortilla (Quarter 1). Once folded, this quarter is the most protected from heat when cooking, so you won’t end up with a soggy section. Finally, avoid overstuffing your tortilla as it can make it difficult to fold your layers.


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