Self-Monitoring for Behavioral Change and Goal Achievement

by Tom Ersin

“What gets measured gets managed.” (— Peter Drucker?) There is an old saying in management, if you want to improve something, start by measuring it, or you won’t see how to make a difference. (— Catharine Paddock, Ph.D.) Makes sense,… Continue Reading →

Teaching the Path to Productivity

by Beth Czischke

Productivity – it’s a buzzword that’s persistently thrown around the business world. Everyone is looking to get an edge on their competitors by increasing output. Many companies implement wellness programs with the goal of increasing productivity, which, according to research,… Continue Reading →

Create Smarterphone Users

by Beth Czischke

The smartphone – while it’s a relatively new invention, many of us already can’t imagine life without one. Nearly two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone, and according to a recent Gallup Panel, more than 40 percent of Americans check theirs… Continue Reading →

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