Ways to Enjoy Life More, Right Now

by Jen Wynn

“Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.” —John C. Maxwell Positive mental states like enjoyment have direct effects on our bodies by reducing different damaging processes and protecting overall wellbeing. Here are three quick, accessible and essential avenues… Continue Reading →

Spring Into a Happier Life With Nine Simple Steps

by Jessica Malen

When it comes to being happy, it’s important to focus on the physical, mental and social aspects of life. Read on to discover nine simple steps you can take to help boost your mood. Talk about something worthwhile. According to… Continue Reading →

Enhance Your Happiness With Five Simple Steps

by Jessica Malen

Here’s a riddle: Everybody wants it, everybody talks about it, everybody thinks about it, but not everybody has it. What is it?

The American Dream and Why We Should Care About Cortisol

by Kees Groenewegen

It’s the night before a big presentation. Your director asked your team who would be willing to present your quarterly results? Last year, Craig volunteered and he got a huge bonus. You blurt out, “I’ll do it!” You have to… Continue Reading →

31 Days of Healthy Happiness

by Jessica Malen

Are you feeling blue? Or do you just want to increase your daily enjoyment? Happiness can be attained more easily than you may think. Below, you will find the 31 Days of Healthy Happiness Challenge. Embark on this journey with… Continue Reading →

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