“Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.” —John C. Maxwell

Positive mental states like enjoyment have direct effects on our bodies by reducing different damaging processes and protecting overall wellbeing. Here are four quick, accessible and essential avenues toward enjoying life more, right now – just as it is.

1. Create a daily assessment of your enjoyment.

At the end of your day, consider which top moments you enjoyed most, whether small or immense. Think of why you enjoyed these moments and commit each to memory. You can simply think about it – maybe you close your eyes and take a deep breath to let it sink in – or try writing it down in a collection for future enjoyment.

2. Spend time solo.

Humans are social creatures and relationships are crucial for balanced wellbeing. But doses of solitude become the ‘yin to the yang’ here. A little time alone is vital for personal growth. It provides the space to collect ideas, thoughts and emotions, prioritize goals, digest conversations or lessons, or simply to breathe and be. Solitude “soul care,” or anything you do that makes you feel restored (hot shower, etc.), should be prioritized daily to continually recharge your spirit.

3. Keep a dream list.          

When you come across a destination you’d like to visit or find something new you’d like to try – but can’t do in this very moment, write it on your wish list. Keep your dreams developing by building a bank of inspiration and possibility. 

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