Agree to Disagree: 10 Tips for Disagreeing Respectfully

by Jen Wynn

Take a deep breath and count to ten to stay calm. Try talking slower and in an even tone to keep the other person calm, too. Prioritize logic and facts over emotions. Try to focus on your reasoning and the… Continue Reading →

Why Body Language and Knowing How To Read It Is Important

by Maya Munot

Did you know that pointing your torso toward your listener is a nonverbal sign of respect or that certain behaviors – like smiling – trigger mirror neurons in our brains and our faces automatically reflect what the eyes see? Nonverbal… Continue Reading →

Why Mattering To Others Is Important and How To Show Others That They Matter To You

by Maya Munot

Are You Showing Others That They Matter To You?This month is an opportune time to simply tell others how much you care about them. Read on for unique ways for showing others they mean a lot to you!  The remarkable,… Continue Reading →

How to Make New Friends as an Adult

by Maya Munot

Reconnect With Your Old Friends Reconnect with old friends that you’ve fallen out of touch with whom you wish you hadn’t. Research shows that when we reconnect with old friends, we have a higher level of trust with them than… Continue Reading →

How You Can Be a Better Friend

by Maya Munot

Start the new year by focusing on your relationships, especially your friendships! Having quality, life-long friendships allows us to share some of the emotional burdens of our daily lives. It’s time to give them the care and attention they deserve…. Continue Reading →

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