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Ever wonder how you can get your employees more engaged in their health? We’ve discovered why many wellness programs fall short, and we provide evidence-based strategies for transforming the health of your employees. This is our conversation on how to apply cognitive science, the study of how the mind learns, to your wellness program. It’s a discussion about creating a vibrant and thriving workforce and workplace environment.

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 Change Minds to Change Behavior 

It is an industry standard to have a wellness program. But why isn’t workplace health promotion universally successful? Why aren’t your employees getting and staying healthier and, in turn, happier?

Wellness programs are critical and are more valuable than the marketplace dictates. The most successful companies are those who shift employee wellness to the forefront. These programs need to be optimized.

In the 2013 Employer Health Benefits Survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 65% of all firms surveyed believe their wellness program is “very” or “somewhat” influential in cost savings. The next step is to make the wellness benefits a reality. The key is to change your employees’ minds about health.

Incorporating cognitive science can inform attitudes and behaviors and ultimately impact health. Modern science supports the interconnectivity of the mind and body – they work together and affect one other. Peak wellbeing is then achieved when mind and body work in harmony toward health goals.

“Cognitive science teaches us how the mind works and how to use those insights to change our health behaviors,” says Colleen Seifert, a University of Michigan psychology professor.

There are many fronts to explore when considering how to harness the mind to then encourage healthier habits, creating abundant possibilities for improving employee health.

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