Workplace Positivity

by Tom Ersin

Wellness Programs and EAPs Brian Tracy, a well-known business motivational authority and speaker, once said that a manager who uses destructive criticism on an employee gets about the same result as taking a sledgehammer to a piece of office furniture…. Continue Reading →

The Mind-Body Problem (and solution)

by Tom Ersin

Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression to Impact Physical Health The mind-body problem is a fun game played by philosophers and epistemologists since before Aristotle‚Äôs time. The essential question is whether the mind (consciousness) is separate and distinct from matter (the… Continue Reading →

Rediscover the Forgotten Cost-Saver

by Tom Ersin

Rediscover the Forgotten Cost-Saver EAP Awareness An Employee Assistance Program is a familiar entity to human resources mangers at the vast majority of mid- to large-sized U.S. companies. Whether by gut feeling or statistical study, they understand that EAPs are… Continue Reading →

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