Transform Resolutions Into Lifelong Changes

by Kelsi Karpinski

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, you likely had all sorts of aspirations in your mind that you wanted to see become a reality in the new year. Whether your resolutions are health-related or otherwise, breaking them often… Continue Reading →

Setting SMART Goals

by Megan Van Hoet

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Breaking down your goals into a manageable plan can be the difference between aspirations and accomplishments. You may want to reduce stress, be more fit, lose weight,… Continue Reading →

10 Small, Healthy Habits to Try This New Year

by Jen Wynn

A new year is a chance for new goals or a fresh take on old ones. Setting a new goal doesn’t have to be tough. Here are 10 easily-obtainable, healthy goals to try this year. In fact, they’re so simple,… Continue Reading →

Attitude Is Everything

by Jen Wynn

Build Your Employees’ Willpower and Health with Daily Mini-Challenges One of the easiest ways to improve your employees’ health is to offer mini goals or daily challenges. They introduce your employees to a healthier behavior instantly, without a big commitment…. Continue Reading →

Get Your Employees to Reach Their Goals with This Time Trick

by Jen Wynn

Immediate Goals are Effective Goals Derail procrastination by helping your employees believe the future is nigh. (Fire up the Delorian!) Research shows that short-term goals are more effective in creating healthier habits because they make the future feel closer and… Continue Reading →

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