Between indulgent holiday meals and scrumptious sweets galore, it can be challenging to keep holiday weight gain at bay. Even though this season can be a flurry of parties, shopping, family gatherings and commitments, you’re never too busy to exercise. If you only have time for a few reps of your favorite move, it’s better than nothing. Here are some ideas for fitting in physical activity if you’re in a pinch:

  • Perform this seven-minute workout one or more times a day by doing the following exercises at a rigorous pace for 30 seconds and resting 10 seconds between movements: jumping jacks, wall sit, pushups, abdominal crunches, chair step-ups, squats, triceps dips, plank, high knees, lunges, pushups with rotation and side plank.
  • Hold the plank position for a minute or two.
  • Jump rope for 1,000 repetitions.
  • Take a walk or run around the block.
  • Do 25 pushups (using any modification necessary).
  • Hold a wall sit or perform lunges and squats while talking on the phone.
  • Do 50 glute bridges.
  • Flow through a quick yoga sequence.
  • Tackle 20 to 50 burpees.