Interesting Facts About Movember

  1. It did not start in the U.S. – in fact, it began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003.
  2. It went from 30 mustaches to 5 million since it started.
  3. It is observed in more than 20 different countries.
  4. It was first created to celebrate a man’s favorite form of facial hair and to encourage other men to grow a mustache for a month.
  5. It has raised awareness and funding for more than 1,200 different men’s health projects.
  6. It is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health.
  7. It has raised about $60 million in the U.S. for research and over $80 million in Canada!
  8. It has helped raise money in Canada for a major cancer research breakthrough: a genetic test that helps predict the risk of recurrence among prostate cancer survivors.
  9. It aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030.

Interesting Facts About Mustaches

  1. Having a mustache can help protect you from skin cancer as facial hair provides 90 to 95% UV-ray protection.
  2. Coffee can help you grow a mustache as caffeine counteracts the suppression of hair growth.
  3. It’s normal for the color of your mustache and your head to vary as hair follicles contain different pigmentation levels.
  4. Facial hair grows an average of 0.4 mm every day.
  5. The average man touches his mustache 760 times every 24 hours.


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