Finding healthy food options are not luxuries saved for those who have extra cash to spend. Want to learn how to eat well without breaking the bank? We’re sharing tips for healthy grocery shopping on a budget below.

Use more whole grains and beans.
Foods like brown rice, lentils and dry beans are inexpensive, healthy staples to have on hand and they really help to bulk up a meal with plant-based protein so you don’t have to include as much meat.

Shop once a week.
Consolidate your shopping to one day – even if you hit multiple stores. The less you shop, the more you save – in money, gas and time!

Get a raincheck from your grocery store for out-of-stock sale items.

Buy milk at a drugstore or convenience store.
Some experts have found that milk costs 30 to 50 cents less when purchased at drugstores.

Skip the packaged sliced meat.
Rather than buying packaged sliced meat, purchase larger chunks of meat and have the deli workers slice it for you.

Buy frozen seafood.
In the seafood department, some fish on display can have a small disclaimer stating it has been “previously frozen.” This is the same as fish in the frozen section but it can cost more. Save yourself the money and buy seafood in the frozen section instead.

Use apps to photograph and submit your receipts.
You can earn cash back on groceries when using apps like SavingStar or Checkout51. Take a photo of your receipt and submit it to earn money back on items that are on sale.

Shop alone.
Shopping in groups encourages people to spend more. One study showed that 65 percent of items in the cart when group shopping tend to be unplanned or impulse purchases – this is an eight-percent increase over shopping alone.

Bring your own music.
Studies show that many stores play relaxing music or music with a slow tempo to encourage you to move slowly through the store, which means you are likely to buy more. Combat this marketing psychology by listening to your own music – and particularly, music at a faster pace.

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