Wellness goals and habits can focus on a variety of lifestyle areas, such as improving sleep quality, managing stress, being more efficient at work, or even becoming involved in your community. Think about your daily routines and habits, then write down what you desire to improve. Remember, even a small change can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing. Start slowly by identifying one or two areas of focus. Each dimension needs a healthy balance of attention to work toward living a happy and healthy life.

Which areas can you pay more attention to?

  1. Emotional Wellness: Awareness and acceptance of feelings
  2. Spiritual Wellness: A search for meaning and purpose
  3. Intellectual Wellness: Recognition of your creativity, knowledge and skills
  4. Physical Wellness: Need for physical activity and balanced nutrition
  5. Environmental Wellness: Positive awareness and impact on your environment
  6. Financial Wellness: Debt reduction, cash flow balance or financial future planning
  7. Professional Wellness: Personal achievement and enrichment from your career
  8. Social Wellness: Contribution to your community

Examples for Working on the Eight Dimensions of Your Wellness Wheel:

1 – Emotional Wellness

  • Try 10 minutes of meditation or yoga to take a break when feeling stressed.
  • Be positive whenever possible.
  • Give and get support by talking with a friend or family member.

2 – Spiritual Wellness

  • Meditate or pray.
  • Evaluate your values that guide your decisions and actions.
  • Accept the views of others.

3 – Intellectual Wellness

  • Read for 20 minutes.
  • Find time to work on a creative hobby you enjoy.
  • Join a new group or club.

4 – Physical Wellness

  • Walk at least 30 minutes every day; aim for 150 minutes of moderate activity every week.
  • Complete weight/strength training two times a week.
  • Try stretching for 10 minutes most days.
  • Eat balanced meals with proper portion sizes.
  • Aim for at least seven hours of sleep, four days a week.

5 – Environmental Wellness

  • Walk a local nature trail.
  • Have a healthy picnic at a nearby park.
  • Keep your home clean and organized.

6 – Financial Wellness

  • Monitor your spending habits and cut wasteful expenses.

7 – Professional Wellness

  • Reevaluate your goals for your career.
  • Consider taking a course to further your knowledge in your field.
  • Keep your workspace organized and efficient.

8 – Social Wellness

  • Plan time with family and friends to build meaningful relationships.