Traditionally, wellness programs have focused on certain key elements of health, such as nutrition and physical activity. Simply getting people to participate has been a primary goal. More recently, there has been a significant shift to focus more on the health of the whole person, incorporating behavioral health, including emotional wellbeing. In tandem with this new focus, wellness program goals have grown from simply participation and “engagement” to real behavioral change. One such example of this is Asset Health v5  – the latest wellbeing engagement platform from Asset Health. Asset Health v5 is more than a new software version – it is a new way of thinking about health engagement. At the heart of the update is an emphasis on offering a more engaging, streamlined experience. Behavior change principles, adult learning methodologies and nudge theory were all explored and applied to this new version of the Asset Health experience.

The v5 platform is driven by three key principles:

  • Sense of purpose – Intentionality is a key component of Asset Health v5. Understanding that there is a strong connection between purpose and action, users are encouraged to identify their “why” – to help drive motivation and engagement.
  • Guided experience – Configurable, site-wide nudges have been integrated, guiding users to their next action in a clear, simple way.
  • Personalization – We believe one size does not fit all. Journeys meet individuals where they are on their own personal path to improved health and wellbeing.


If you’re interested in learning more about Asset Health v5, contact Robert Wilson at 248-822-7286 or