Becoming Smarter: Brain Training Games Out; Exercise In

by Tom Ersin

Of (sedentary) Mice and (active) Men (and women) I might not be a genius yet, but I’m really good at identifying when the word red is written in blue ink. (— Elizabeth Day, TheGuardian.com)

Aesthetics and Creativity in the Workplace

by Beth Czischke

There’s a new study out of Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance and a country steeped in art history. Researchers set out to explore if admiring art can have measurable health benefits. They took saliva samples from 100 volunteers to… Continue Reading →

Make Creativity the Conductor of Productivity in the Workforce

by Jessica Malen

How Enhancing Your Business is like Composing a Symphony There comes a time in every business venture when things need to be shaken up — sometimes drastically, other times just a bit. Either way, one can’t just clap her hands together… Continue Reading →

Want Your Employees to Be More Creative? Just Say Om

by Jessica Malen

Close your eyes. Take a long, deep breath in and exhale. Feel better? The simple act of being inside one’s own mind is not only crucial for centering one’s thoughts, but also for enhancing creativity. A study conducted at the… Continue Reading →

Encourage Walking to Build a More Creative, Thoughtful Workforce

by Jessica Malen

Taking a Leisurely Stroll Can Boost Productivity Imagine: the sun has just begun to rise; the sky is painted with soft pink and sherbet hues. A trodden path winds up a hill sprinkled with morning dew and tall aspen trees… Continue Reading →

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