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Why Sitting Is Dangerous for Our Health and What We Can Do About It

by Maya Munot

Did you know Americans sit for an average of six to eight hours a day? What’s more alarming is that studies have found prolonged sitting is linked to all sorts of complications that threaten our overall health and wellbeing, according… Continue Reading →

How Our Team Stays Healthy During the Workweek

by Jessica Malen

Maintaining optimal wellbeing during a hectic workday can pose a challenge. Our team is always on the lookout for new, science-backed strategies to make our lives the healthiest they can be. But sometimes you only really know what works until… Continue Reading →

Oh, My Aching Back

by Jessica Malen

How Back Pain Can Affect Employees Cognitively, Emotionally and Physically Back injuries rank among the top work-related injuries each year and the causes aren’t always related to physical exertion. In fact, The U.S. Department of Labor recently stated that back… Continue Reading →

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