Help Your Employees Find Balance

by Beth Czischke

Work-life balance has been a buzzword in the employee wellness space for a while, but today we’re discussing how you can help employees literally find balance. Whether we’re reaching for something on a high shelf, playing soccer with friends or… Continue Reading →

Healthy Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

by Beth Czischke

Tax day has come and gone, and now is the fun part — waiting for your refund to arrive. According to the IRS, the average tax refund was a little over $3,000 last year. That’s a sizable chunk of cash…. Continue Reading →

Motivate Your Team to Get Moving at Work

by Jen Bucciarelli

Share How Integral Physical Activity Is for Optimum Brain Health Exercise can lift, tone, tighten and build your muscles, but did you know getting active each day can whip your brain into shape, too? FACT: Exercise accelerates your brainpower because… Continue Reading →

The Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

by Jessica Malen

How to Make This the Healthiest, Happiest Holiday Yet It’s that time of year again — your colleagues bring in an eternal flow of assorted treats, you drink eggnog in the break room, and the festive potlucks never seem to end…. Continue Reading →


by Jen Bucciarelli

Welcome to Motivate Health, where cognitive science meets health promotion. This is your source for cutting-edge research and innovative health promotion ideas. Ever wonder how you can get your employees more engaged in their health? We’ve discovered why many wellness… Continue Reading →

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